Amazon Prime Day - July 12, 2016

How will you compete with Amazon Prime Day?

While Amazon is preparing for its largest digital shopping event since the company’s launch, you should be preparing for yours as well. On July 12th Amazon will be offering over 100,000 deals to an estimated 54 million Amazon Prime account users. Countdown deals for Prime Day begin today, July 5th and last through the end of the event. Last year, Prime Day’s ripple effect increased web sales an average of 20%.

Now is not the time to be shy. It’s time to plan for your biggest and most unique sales event yet. Amazon has already started, so let’s get your strategy together and begin execution.

There are many strategies that can be used to maximize your online store this week. Here are a few to consider as you get started…

Free Shipping deals. The most popular feature of Amazon Prime is free 2-day shipping on all orders. If you have a Prime account, you don’t have to worry about the cost of shipping or time to ship. You already know what it costs and how long it will take to get to you, which makes shopping easier. Make shopping from you just as easy with a free shipping deal to compete directly with Amazon.

Feature your sales. Be sure your promotions are featured in obvious ways on your web page. High-quality banners with captivating graphics tend to have the best results. You want to draw attention to your promotion in the best way possible. Make sure your banners are not cluttered with too much information. You also want to be sure the banner aligns with the message of your promotion. Keep it consistent and don’t forget to add the banner to all relevant pages.

Make it easy. The average human attention span in 2015 was an all-time low of about 8.25 seconds. If people can’t find something in that amount of time, they tend to lose interest. Categorization is key. If your potential customers expect a sale on your website, give them an easy to find sale. Don’t make your customers scroll through hundreds of items before finding what they are looking for. Giving customers an easy path to make a purchase is the best option here. This can be done by distinctively categorizing your sale items.

Make it unique. What about your website makes consumers want to purchase your products before seeking any other company? If you can’t quickly answer that question, it’s time to re-evaluate, get creative and do your research. Determine what prominent factors differentiate you and from the rest. Is your site easier to use? Are you environmentally friendly? Are your products one of a kind? These are just a few examples, but you can use these types of qualities to your advantage if you make them known to your audience. Give them a reason to choose you.

Tailor to your audience. For Prime Day, Amazon is targeting all of its users that have memberships to the site. Who are you targeting? Once you have figured this out, you can better tailor your sales and promotions to this audience. Take a look at the characteristics and demographics of your website’s audience. Looking at your history of product sales wouldn’t hurt either. If you know who is buying what product, you can use this as a foundation for determining what products will be featured as well as what your advertisements will look like.

Preparing for a major online shopping event is not an easy task. It takes a strategic plan, careful execution and examination to get promising results. From featuring your sales in innovative ways to ensuring that you have catered to your particular audience, VenturaU offers professional assistance customized to your needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you compete on Prime Day and beyond.

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