Four Steps of Website Design

Website design can be a difficult and tiresome task, and without the correct implementation, it could have detrimental effects on your overall business. After all, it was reported in 2014 that over 2.9 billion people were using the internet as a resource, so you have a lot of people to impress. You’ll want to make sure your web design team has a solid plan in place to design and implement your website efficiently.

Ventura Web Design & Marketing has over 20 years of experience in the business, and their design process has four steps. We present those to you here as an example of an effective web design plan:

Step 1: Interview with a Project Manager

After making your initial request for services, a project manager will reach out to you and set up an interview. During this time, you work with this team member to ensure that your brand and marketing message are effectively conveyed on your new website. Once they have solidified these key elements, you trust the design, layout, and appearance of your website to their professional team.

Step 2: Review and Revise the Proposed Design

At this time, their team will produce custom mockups of your website. While they strive to produce the perfect design the first time, they will happily revise the website up to two times at no additional cost to you. This process is to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your website before it gets published.

Step 3: Install the Approved Design

During this step, you can focus on running your existing operations while they install your approved website design on your platform. Any changes or modifications that you wish to add after you have given design and installation approval will be billed at the regular hourly rate.

Step 4: New Website Basic Training

Your design team walks you through the basics of maintaining and extending the quality and traction of your new website. If you need any extra help, you’re also welcome to contact them during regular business hours.

A typical design produced using this process has about 4 to 5 top navigation items and up to 10 internal pages. You get a custom designed site from the ground up in under month. Once your site is built, Ventura also offers support services available by request.

The most difficult part of any process is getting started, but making that first step can change your digital presence for a lifetime. Get connected with a professional web design team and let them help you, with just a few easy steps, to get your business back on top.


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