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8 Tips For a Better Site Navigation

Your site navigation is one of the most important features of your storefront and overlooking any aspect of it can be catastrophic to your business. If you want to sell more, your customers need to be able to find what they want with ease. Any good store design begins and ends with a positive user […]

Drive More Business With Pokémon Go

So you’ve heard all of the buzz about the new Pokémon Go app, or you’ve seen all of the people staring at their phone screens and promptly running towards non-existing objects. However, not all of us were born in the 90’s and grew up with Pokémon to know just how big this phenomenon is. So […]

How will you compete with Amazon Prime Day?

While Amazon is preparing for its largest digital shopping event since the company’s launch, you should be preparing for yours as well. On July 12th Amazon will be offering over 100,000 deals to an estimated 54 million Amazon Prime account users. Countdown deals for Prime Day begin today, July 5th and last through the end […]

All About Platform Migration

Are you unhappy with your current e-commerce platform and thinking about moving to another platform?  If so, there are a few things to take into consideration before you decide to plunge in and make the move. Design Considerations Today’s e-commerce platforms are built on templates and depending on the platform changing those templates to fit […]

4 Steps to Advertising on Twitter Effectively

Interested in advertising on Twitter but intimidated by all of the options available to you and unsure where to start? Fear not – setting up advertising on Twitter is fast, simple, and can be completed in 4 easy steps: Step 1: Select Your Campaign Objective Go to Twitter Ads to get started. The below screenshot […]

Introducing Gboard: All the Power of Google Right From Your Phone’s Keyboard

Google has done it yet again – they’ve created an ingenious, super convenient, all powerful app. Say hello to Gboard – Google’s newest iPhone keyboard app (sorry Android users, currently it’s only available on iOS at the moment). Gboard takes all the search capabilities Google offers and compresses them into a neat little package that […]

How to Create a Promotional Email Campaign

Creating an email promotion doesn’t have to be a difficult task.  If you already have your email marketing list in place and your marketing calendar planned out, you’re halfway there.  Let’s look at what the next steps are to turning on the money faucet for your business. For this example, let’s pretend you’re promoting a […]

Conversion Conference Las Vegas – May 18-19, 2016

Are you looking to up your conversion rate optimization game?  Conversion Conference (www.conversionconference.com) is the place for you.  Hosted on May 18-19 at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas, you will hear directly from experts who can help you learn how to test and optimize your digital marketing to produce fantastic results. For those attending the […]

Google Makes Major Shift on Search Results Pages

You may not have noticed it, but Google made a major change to the way it displays search results.  Google recently removed all pay-per-click ads from the right side of it’s search results pages.  After more than ten years of Adwords pay-per-click results taking up both the top 1-3 spots and the entire right column […]

Planning Your Marketing Calendar

Having a fully planned out marketing calendar for the year is crucial for busy store owners.  You don’t have time during your busy seasons to sit down and come up with a marketing plan for promotions that need to go out on time.  Graphics need to be created, compelling text needs to be written, coupons […]